A complete archive of all software and sound pack releases for the Sensel Morph are easily downloaded from Google Drive. See below for descriptions.
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Download the SenselApp to modify settings for different overlays. The SenselApp is used to help visualize contact data, customize keystrokes, modify MIDI controls, update firmware and manage presets. Linux versions only tested on Ubuntu. 
Mac | Windows 32 | Windows 64 | Linux 32 | Linux 64
Mac Driver (optional)
The optional driver for macOS enables more drawing-tablet controls for experimenting with drawing and painting programs.
Windows 7 & 8 Driver
Windows 7 & 8 require a simple driver to enable communication with the Morph. View the Quick Start guide for installation instructions.
These meticulously crafted electronic percussion and vocal sounds are designed to inspire.

We used the Arturia Microbrute to create electronic percussion, with some very unique kicks, snares, hats, and decorations. Digitally manipulated vocal sounds, provide a great base for melodies or just some vocal effects. 

Custom effects chains round out the set so you can dial these sounds into your own mix, along with some great bass presets for the new Wavetable and Phase 4 synths in Live and Bitwig.
The express collection has gorgeous, playful presets for some of our favorite synthesizers: Xfer Serum, Arturia Pigments, Bitwig Studio, Audio Damage Quanta, Phosphor, and Continua, Vital Audio Vital, Newfangled Generate and Pendulate, Madrona Labs Aalto and Kaivo, and the Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth.

These sounds range from soft bliss to giant leads to quirky yet versatile percussion, with at least five presets for each title.
Mix into your productions, or play them as standalone soundscapes. There's something for soundtrack, techno, hip-hop, pop, ambient, or whatever genres you're bending!

New to MPE? These presets are a masterclass in how to map Pitch Bend, Glide, and Pressure in each of these softwares (and the Hydrasynth hardware). Pull these apart and learn some great ways to get the most from the many dimensions of MPE.

Use these sounds in any MPE-ready host like Bitwig, Live 11, StudioOne, Logic, Cubase with any MPE controller like a Sensel Morph, ROLI, Artiphon, or Linnstrument. Check out the express page for a complete catalog of all the sounds.
We worked with Oakland-based producer and Morph fan Nate Hendrix to create a super funky, genre-bending soundpack.

The Hendrix With An X sound pack collects the multi-instrument talent and modern sensibility of Hendrix with sounds from his production toolkit and previous tracks. Two drum racks, a couple simple but fun sample synths, and some great effects will get you started producing your own original track on your Morph.

Designed for the Morph, but playable by all!

Choose Bitwig Studio, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 10, or Samples Only (WAV format) from the menu, download, and start getting into a new sound!

Click to learn more about Nate Hendrix.
The Hip Hop Construction kits are Logic Pro X and Ableton Live sessions containing five unique synths and samplers. The combination of and individual style of the instruments are inspired by the sound of west coast hip-hop and G-Funk. Each set has complete instrumentation and a sample score to get you rolling. Designed for the Morph, but playable by all!
Using source material from an ambient sound-bath piece from Hugo R.A. Paris, we've created a playable, interactive instrument for the Sensel Morph. Blending textures, primarily from the 4MS SWN synthesizer, many long sample loops are distributed over 2 octaves.

Designed for the Buchla Thunder Overlay (though usable with any overlay), each key plays a different sample. Vertical gestures on the keys control a bandpass filter to shape each sound's timbre. Pressure controls panning. 

It's not just for performance, it can be a guide for interactive meditation with sound,

Learn more about Hugo Paris.

We partnered with veteran sound designer Kurt Kurasaki to fill up three drum racks with modular synth percussion sounds. Completely original, these can take your productions to the next level. Rich bass, mix-cutting snares, distinct toms and pings, and wild and weird electronics are laid out for the classic 4x4 pads of the Music Production Overlay.

Not just a vintage sound, these kits are made with a mix of modern and classic modular synths, recorded with top end professional gear. In some cases, we've added some post-processing and effects, but for the most part, we are providing you with the original sounds, ready to drop into your own mix.
Expanding on existing packs from Laura Escudé, we transformed the sample players into truly textural instruments. Inspired by Laura's violin playing, we adopted classical tactility to her futuristic sounds, incorporating the Morphs's pressure and location sensitive surface to create new sonic sculptures.

The ALLUXE CELLO FX expands a sample library of Laura's percussive violin sounds into a malleable experimental instrument. Best paired with the Piano Overlay, the (Y) position selects samples, pressure tweaks the filter and (X) bends the pitch. Striking and gliding on the Morph creates a percussive sound field, nearly limitless in its expressiveness.

"Warrior Samples" takes a Drum Rack of samples, and uses the MIDI Modulation in Sampler to link the pressure to loop length, X to panning (and pitch on some) and Y to filter morph. Using multiple pads, there is an insane cloud of vocal texture at your fingertips.

The "Vocal XYZ" track is uses the Innovator's Overlay (or No Overlay, w/ the Innovator's Overlay map) as a simple XYZ control. The left side is a big vertical slider for Wet/Dry, the rest of the right side is a big XYZ pad for manipulating the FX. Import the map from Sensel Innovator's Map folder in the SenselApp and flash it to the Morph. Set "No Overlay" to load the Innovator's map to use the bare Morph. The CC's from the Morph are MIDI Mapped to the macros in the "Vocal XYZ" device.

Be sure to setup your Morph to work with the Ableton Live Script.

Designed for the Morph, but playable by all! If you don't have a Sensel Morph, you can use the Mod and Pitch Bend wheels on a standard MIDI keyboard to simulate the XYZ controls of the Morph.

Learn more about Laura Escudé's work
This sound pack for Bitwig Studio and Bitwig Studio 8-Track turns your Music Production Overlay into dance music beast. Drum patterns, high-energy leads, vocal textures, and tight grooves are all at your fingertips. This set is easy for beginners to play, but deep enough for the seasoned producer to learn from and expand on. Simple setup instructions are included in the download. Read more about this sound pack on our blog.

Watch the instructional video below, along with the setup guide here.

Ralph K Freund, aka Noizebusters, generously created this amazing pack designed for the Sensel Morph's Music Production Overlay and Bitwig Studio.

For many pads, the vertical position on the individual pads selects individual sounds, and many sounds are generated with custom Grid devices. Four kicks designed to get any dance floor moving, as road-tested by Freund's extensive touring background in the Progressive House scene. It's not only incredibly fun to play, but a great way to learn some new ways of controlling sounds in Bitwig Studio Drum Racks.

Designed for the Morph, but playable by all!

Learn more about Noizebusters on his Patreon page

The Trumpet-Controlled Oscillations are excerpts from Sarah's work with the MIGSI controller for her trumpet and electronics. Some sounds are obviously trumpet, most are not.

Cut up into a Drum Rack, we've used Sampler to assign X to pitch, Y to pan, and Z to gain cut. Best paired with the Music Production Overlay, the pads and chiclets trigger crafted and effected loops of idiosyncratic sound at your finger tips. The 8 knobs on the Music Production Overlay map to the 8 macros in the device for deeper sonic control.

The second track is best played with the Buchla Thunder or Piano overlays. This is a fairly simple implementation, focusing on the sounds and loops. We think this set has a rather David Lynch-ian vibe, so we hope you find them useful for your dark and stormy moods!

And be sure to setup your Morph to work with the Ableton Live Script!

Designed for the Morph, but playable by all! If you don't have a Sensel Morph, you can use the Mod and Pitch Bend wheels on a standard MIDI keyboard to simulate the XYZ controls of the Morph. For other DAWs, we've provided the raw WAV files in the same download.

Learn more about Sarah Belle Reid.
Sarah created a palette of samples from the Easel, in an Ableton Live set. Designed for Live 10 and Live 11 (taking advantage of Live 11's new MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) integration), it's an incredible opportunity to discover some of the range of textures from an Easel and make them your own. The Live 11 version also contains three additional MPE instruments, using the Buchla samples. Play around, clear your head, make a masterpiece, or make a mess.

Sound Pack: Sarah Belle Reid - Buchla Sound Worlds 

This unique instrument relies on your touches and their pressure on the Morph to reveal the different frequencies of a sound from different times of a sound recording.

When you load a sound file (or picture) into Spectral Shiatsu, it analyses it and creates a map of all the frequencies and their volumes over time. This graph is then mapped to the Sensel Morph, where you can touch and press on the surface to "reveal" and play the sound's components from any time. This way, you can massage your way around a sound, pressing harder to uncover more of the sound, or caressing lightly to gently play a small part. This doesn't use MIDI, it uses the Sensel API in Max to turn the touches into sound. When you connect your Morph and this device is present, it connects as a serial device, so you won't be able to use overlays, MIDI, or MPE. 

Download the Max For Live device, install it in your Ableton Library, then add to a MIDI track. Windows users will need to open Max and install the "sensel" package from the Max package manager.
Then, drag sound files from your Live Browser, Clip Grid, or file system onto the device to play them with your fingers on the Morph. 

Source code is at our GitHub.

The Steinberg UR-RT4 is a high-quality 4-in, 6-out audio interface. Lots of fancy digital and analog stuff are involved to make recordings and mixes sound great. What we found is that the case itself sounds amazing. So we sampled it and turned it into an instrument that you can play. Read more about this pack on our blog.

Sixteen different metallic sounds organized for the Drum Pad and Music Production Overlays, recorded at 96K, 24bit. 
Ableton Live Remote Script
Remote script for using the Morph overlays with Ableton Live. Download and instructions here.
Bitwig Studio Control Script
Control Script for Bitwig Studio. Download and instructions here.