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"[The Morph is] the most clever and versatile device I've tested,'s worth it for artists, musicians and editors, especially if you wear more than one of those hats" - Read
"This is a quality product that resembles something Apple would make — not a single corner was cut here. If you’re looking for an excellent trackpad, I highly recommend this one." - Read
"There really aren’t very many options out there (if any) that can easily move from application to application this quickly and easily...If its versatility and biggest bang for the buck you’re after, look no further than the Sensel Morph." - Read
"If watching this sparked the creative part of your'll love it. Their configuration and API documentation are great, and you're going to have a lot of fun with this thing.” - Watch
"After playing - and indeed creating - for about an hour using the Morph, to call it an MPE or MIDI controller feels like a bit of an insult, because it is much more than that." - Read (scroll to page 136-137)
"The Sensel Morph also features MPE compatibility, which is quickly becoming a standard on many DAWs and virtual instruments. This can really add dynamism to both your music-making and mixing." - Read
"The Morph’s primary audience is musicians, but a multitude of different overlays offers video editors, graphic designers, developers, writers, gamers, and artists a tactile surface to supplement their workflow while also encouraging experimentation." - Read
"[Sensel’s] modular force sensitive trackpad is here... letting users edit video, play piano, play games and various other features. I played around with the system...and it’s actually pretty impressive what the company was able to accomplish here." - Read
“[The Morph is] a customizable, wildly imaginative input device designed for musicians, video editors, illustrators, writers and other creative types.” - Read
“What I really love about the Sensel Morph is the place it comes from. It encourages an aspect of creatives that not many gadgets do… our need to explore” - Read
"[The Morph is] a really cool, cutting-edge input device that looks like a must-have for musicians, artists, hobbyists, and professionals alike." 
"[The Morph’s] slim design and various overlays make it absolutely perfect for traveling artists." 
"All of the Morph overlays are amazingly smooth and responsive. In fact, the Morph is ahead of the pack in the controller world, incorporating multiple functions per pad. Moving your fingers up and down or sideways to control vibrato, glide, or filters are all part of the endless possibilities with the Morph." - Read
"The Sensel Morph is ideal for many applications —for the travelling producer/DJ it’s great as its slight form means it literally is a go-anywhere piece of kit, and the interchangeable overlays mean that it’s equally as versatile." - Read
"Sensel’s Morph is another fantastic option for producers who want it all, and want it can use it like a touchpad for your computer, but it’s also a MIDI controller that comes with overlays for drum pads, piano keys, and standard audio pads." - Read
"The Sensel Morph is simply brilliant. It’s about as easy an entry into multi-touch expression you can get under your fingers – terrifically sensitive, fabulously portable and compact, and via overlays something you can give any number of tactile layouts. You can use it to make your own instruments, or control lighting or visuals or 3D or whatever else you imagine." - Read
"The Sensel Morph is based on numerous overlays that work like magic. Once put up, it sends out the specific data. Super simple for the normal musician, it becomes much more complex when musicians with programming skills take advantage of the new Pure Data integration. This opens up new, previously unknown creative possibilities for this versatile controller." - Read
"One of my favorite pieces of technology is the Sensel Morph, a tablet-sized media controller that uses velocity sensitivity—it can respond to intensity of touch. Swappable interface overlays offer uses including music production, illustration and video gaming." - Read
"The Morph is a very desirable product that offers the user a tactile experience beyond anything a tablet can offer, but without extending to the full-on hardware controls. The Sensel App makes the experience flexible, with overlays for just about anyone who is sitting in front of a DAW and making music." - Read
"To simply label it a MIDI controller sells The Morph short. Essentially, it provides a whole host of creative environments that are designed to suit your chosen workflow. It caters to the traditionalists, as well as the intrepid explorers who want to test the limits of MIDI expression." - Read
"the Sensel Morph is not only useful for MIDI applications. The design is chic and everything that the Sensel Morph promises, it also delivers - an all-round successful package." - Read

Buchla Thunder Overlay
News & Reviews

“It’s really the Buchla overlay that puts things over the top for me. Buchla himself had it right – this diagonal layout just ideally fits under the hand, especially for something performative.” - Read
"...only minutes into using the Morph and Buchla Thunder Overlay, we found ourselves immersed in the process of composition...Credit to the Sensel team for designing an intuitive touch surface interface that never feels like you’ve pressed the “wrong” input, only something new and different to explore." - Read
"I found it be an excellent and quite unique MPE music controller. It almost forces your fingers to do things they would never normally consider on a typical setup simply due to the odd layout, shape of the buttons/sliders and unique look. - Read
"...unlike any other setup we’ve seen in music. This offers a lot of versatility to map out sound banks from any instrument type to these pads and truly bring out your peak creative expression" - Read
"[The Buchla Thunder Overlay] features the same interface layout as the original, but with the added bonus of being MIDI MPE compatible.” - Read
"[The] Buchla Thunder rises like a phoenix as a Sensel Morph overlay" - Read
"[Sensel] worked with Buchla to ensure a smooth and expressive experience in line with their intentions and legacy...The design is brilliantly ergonomic and sits naturally under your fingers." - Read
"The Buchla Thunder gets a modern update when combined with the sensitive and accurate Sensel Morph." - Read
"Ergonomically the Thunder seems to make complete sense...Diagonal strips give you continuous control, with guides that match a resting hand position and put controls where your hands would go." - Read

Video Editing Overlay
News & Reviews

"For video editors, the Sensel Morph is what the Touch Bar wishes it was...Digital Trends spent a brief time testing it, and we think it’s a useful — and very cool — input device for any type of serious video editor." - Read
"The Sensel Morph felt like a natural addition to my Premiere editing workflow. It was the first time I started to feel that “flow state” inside of was kind of shocking to me." - Read
"The Sensel Morph is an incredibly clever new control surface...In use, I found its size and build quality to be very good." - Read
"it's easy to scrub through clips and edits to find the exact frame you need. It contains nearly every function I use, including scrubbing, tool selection and editing-mode selection." - Read
"I've been testing the Sensel Morph tablet and I think I've found the best thing for Premiere Pro. This is seriously some awesome stuff from Sensel. I couldn't have imagined something like [this] could have such an impact on my workflow and the way I edit videos" - Read
"One look around the [Video Editing Overlay] buttons and you see a lot of familiar video editing things: Insert, Overwrite, Slip, Slide, Ripple and a whole lot more all in a very Adobe Premiere Pro looking color."  - Read
"The Morph video controller overlay is $35 dollars and works as well as any dedicated piece of hardware I’ve used." - Read
"...the video editor overlay worked nicely with Final Cut Pro, despite having to manually alter some of the controller assignments to taste" - Read
"Sensel's Video Editing Overlay is designed to put all of Adobe Premiere's important functions in a legible and sensible layout, making them easier to find and understand. For those already familiar with the editing application, the Morph Video Overlay will help speed up workflows" - Read

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