Portable and Powerful

Finally - the controls you need when you need them. Simply put, the Sensel Morph is a tablet-sized pressure sensor with swappable interface overlays. The incredibly portable Morph makes no compromises in its build or capability. Next-generation velocity sensitivity, and swappable hardware interfaces gives you tactile response that feels great. Use it as a MIDI controller in any software, or go deeper with integrated scripts for Bitwig Studio and Ableton Live. Polyphonic Expression (MPE) isn't limited to a piano - use it with any shape and any control.

The Morph

  • Unmatched pressure sensitivity
  • Per-note pressure, pitch bend, and timbre (MPE)
  • Bluetooth or USB connection
  • Make beats, melodies, and mixes
  • Control your DAW
  • A truly portable design
  • More than music - overlays for video, illustration, typing, and inventing

Mix It Up

See how producer Nate Hendrix uses the Morph to get his tracks tight.

Morph Press & Reviews

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There really aren’t very many options out there (if any) that can easily move from application to application this quickly and easily. And this is where the Sensel Morph truly outshines its competition...If its versatility and biggest bang for the buck you’re after, look no further than the Sensel Morph. - 9to5 Toys

[Sensel’s] modular force sensitive trackpad is here, along with a slew of different silicone overlays that bring a wide variety of different functionality, letting users edit video, play piano, play games and various other features. I played around with the system...and it’s actually pretty impressive what the company was able to accomplish here. - TechCrunch

"The Morph performed admirably in every situation I used it in, but where it truly shines is music production. I’ve used more MIDI controllers than you can shake a USB cord at and not a single one is capable of what the Morph is." - The Next Web

...only minutes into using the Morph and Buchla Thunder Overlay, we found ourselves immersed in the process of composition...Credit to the Sensel team for designing an intuitive touch surface interface that never feels like you’ve pressed the “wrong” input, only something new and different to explore. - Design Milk

"It seems like the Thunder is poised for a comeback, that is. The Thunder overlay, combined with the Morph sensor, gives you 27 different continuously-sensitive note areas...I’ve worked with the Morph – the sensing and physical experience are great” - CDM

There are already a number of media controllers out there...But after using the Sensel Morph for a couple of days, I have to say that it really stands out from the pack. It's the most clever and versatile device I've tested, and...it's worth it for artists, musicians and editors, especially if you wear more than one of those hats - Engadget

Incredible Value

One gadget gives you a universe of control.

Free licenses for the incredible Arturia Analog Lab Lite and innovative Bitwig Studio 8-Track mean you can start playing right away.

Tight integration with Ableton Live and Bitwig Studio means you can focus on the music, not the map.

Make it your own with the SenselApp. Reprogram it to your own workflow, mixing MIDI, keystrokes, mouse, and more. All the interfaces you need - all in one surface.

Learn About Bitwig Studio 8-Track

See how much you can do using Bitwig Studio 8-Track software. Free with every Morph!

Music In Many Dimensions

The Morph can do it all. The velocity-sensitive keyboard and drumpads give you what you’d expect. The overlays give you what you need.

Use the SenselApp to put it in MPE mode, and now you can explore what electronic music has been missing: a real connection to you.

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) gives each finger control over pitch, timbre, volume, and more. With software such as Bitwig Studio, Audio Damage Quanta, ROLI Equator, Apple’s Logic Pro X and GarageBand, MPE lets you discover playable sound design.

Learn About MPE

A simple introduction to the expressive potential of MIDI Polyphonic Expression

Customers Love their Morph

I've tried quite a few multi-touch controllers including the Linnstrument, ROLI Seaboard, and ROLI Lightpad and must say that the

Morph really is in a league of its own. The touch position precision, the pressure sensitivty, and the API are all superior to those


I’m constantly touring. The Morph has been a perfect companion for staying productive on the road. At home, I have a Push, but I’m getting so used to the Morph, I find myself using it more and more in the studio.

This is one of those rare cases where someone built an incredible product and made it work with everything.

Computer music has frustrated me beyond belief for about 10 years, and the morph is so far the simplest and FASTEST input device I’ve ever used.

I think that it's an excellent control surface with a ton of versatility. It was the only thing I brought with me on vacation last month other than my laptop.

The shear versatility is intimidating at first. But, once you really go deep with designing the MIDI identity to suit your needs as a musician, the power of such a portable device is very satisfying. After a few hours of getting settled in, I found myself very inspired to create music in completely different ways.

Don’t Wait to Innovate

With the Innovator’s Overlay and the SenselApp Overlay Designer, you can draw out your own controls, and make a custom controller in minutes.

Play with isomorphic layouts to make melodies easier, make a bunch of MIDI XY pad for stunning interactive effects, or layout the keyboard shortcuts you need in one big button.

You don’t have to settle for what you can buy - you can DIY.

Details and Specs

The Morph is beautifully and thoughtfully designed. Scroll down to see how it maximizes playability and portability. Need more info? Check our comprehensive guide for more numbers, setups, and API documentation.

Beyond Music

The Morph does more than Music. Just change the overlays, and you’ll be typing up some new plans, editing video with Adobe Premier, gaming with easy access to macros, or making your own next generation interface.

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