Overview of the Sensel Morph

SenselApp Tutorial

Introduction to MPE

The Drum Kit Overlays

The Keyboard Overlay

The Music Production Overlay

Ableton Live Script

Bitwig Studio MPE Integration

Live Stream and Longform

Many Ways of Logic and the Morph

Live Stream 01: Morph in Depth

Live Stream 02: Making Drum Machines in Bitwig and Live


Nate Hendrix Does It All

Daiza's "Manners"

Remixing with Rayna Zemel

Tim Thompson's Space Palette

What Can You Do With The Morph?


Analog Voices Kits

Kurasaki Drums Kits

Arturia Analog Lab Lite: Free!

Hip Hop Template

Creative Examples

Envelop Spatial Audio

Modular Synths

Morph and Max

Turn The Gaming Pad Into A MIDI Controller

Video Editing Overlay

Play With Pressure

MPE and Modular


Creativity Anywhere

Dance Off!

Sensel At Beat Battle

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