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Tim Thompson's Space Palette Pro

Tim Thompson Space Palette Pro using four Sensel Morphs for tactile interaction.

Most of us are content to use the things we buy. Some of us modify what we have to better suit our own personality. And an even rarer segment of humanity makes  dreams from the ground up.

Meet Tim Thompson, inventor, artist, technologist, programmer. Tim was one of the first backers of the Morph Kickstarter, and when he finally got the first few he ordered, he hit the ground running. When we pushed our API to github, he grabbed it and started coding.

Why was he so busy? Because the technology he had been needing to make the audio+video instrument he had been dreaming about was finally here. The Sensel Morph's pressure sensitivity, size, and programmability happened to be the final piece needed for his Space Palette Pro. 

We caught up with Tim in his San Jose home to learn more about what he's been up to with the Morph, and how he got to where he is. If you can't touch the Space Palette Pro, you at least have to see and hear it!

If you do want to see and touch it, and happen to be in Washington D.C. between November 10 to November 26 (2017), visit Artechhouse and get the full experience.