Introducing the Sensel Morph: Creativity Anywhere

Introducing the Sensel Morph: Creativity Anywhere

We're extremely proud that we shipped all the Morphs to the original Kickstarter backers. But what about the rest of the world who didn't know such a thing existed or was possible?

Now we can all introduce the Morph to them, as we've redesigned our website with an integrated shop, and ramped up our inventory and production. Now, anyone can order a Morph and experience the next-level interface for whatever creative drive they entertain.

Because we want to spread the word far and wide, we made a crazy video. We teamed up with some extremely talented Los Angeles residents:  the underground production duo Epikker (Henry Strange and Suniel Fox), dancers Dishon Hall and Brian Edwards, and filmmaker Steve Elkins. We setup in the Happier Camper facility, where they make some of the most unique camping trailers to ever hit the streets (and deserts, mountains, and coasts!).

Check out the results where Suniel and Henry perform a live version of their remix track "Everyday." We think it proves the point of the Sensel Morph: you can be creative anywhere.