Working with Modular Synths and the Morph

Working with Modular Synths and the Morph

With the introduction of the Buchla Thunder Overlay into the Sensel Morph lineup, we're starting to get more questions about using the Morph with modular synths and hardware. 

This video gives you a complete tutorial on how to use the Buchla Thunder Overlay and Sensel Morph with MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) with a modular system. Not only do we go into detail about the FH-1 configuration tool, we patch up the FH-2 USB Host module to convert the Morph's MIDI into CV for a rich and expressive patch.

We've successfully tested the Morph with Expert Sleepers FH-2, Snyderphonics MantaMate, ExcelValley USB-> MIDI converter, Kenton USB Host, and all the iConnectivity gear.


Here's the most current list of Hardware Synths that we've tested the Morph with. 


What other hardware are you working with? How would you want to integrate the Morph? Share your setup with us at @senselinc on FacebookInstagram or Twitter