Play! Hip Hop for Live and Logic

Play! Hip Hop for Live and Logic

We’re excited to make available this first in a series of downloads designed to help you get inspired with your Morph for music production. If you don't have a Morph (yet), you can still get use these well-designed instruments with your own rig.

We’ve been busy working with sound designers and musicians to make some example projects for Logic Pro X, Garage Band, Ableton Live, Reason, and Bitwig Studio. We’ve taken extra care to design sounds that use all the controls and capabilities of the Morph.

This week, we have a Logic Pro X and Ableton Live sessions containing five unique synths and samplers. The combination of and individual style of the instruments are inspired by the sound of west coast hip-hop and G-Funk.

Here's what's inside Logic:

  • E.Piano_Clean: A 32-voice polyphonic sampler with suitcase piano samples.
  • E.Guitar_Wah: An 8-voice polyphonic physical modeling synth where the velocity drives the amount of auto-wah.
  • E.Bass: A 16-voice polyphonic sample with electric bass samples where velocity drives the cutoff frequency of the filter.
  • SampleStrings: A 10-voice polyphonic sample with full orchestra samples. There is a custom midi modulation module where the LFO drive pitchbend.

 ...and in Ableton Live:

  • Trap Set: A standard 909 drum rack
  • Trap Set w/Arpeg: A clone of the primary drum rack with an arpeggiator used as a note repeat to be used with live manipulation of filter frequency and repeat rate. 
  • Bass: Heavily signal processed upright bass physical modeling with a sine wave oscillator an octave below the fundamental.
  • Strings: A 12-voice polyphonic synth that employes physical string modeling designed to have a softer attack with sustain and a take advantage of the ensemble effect to create a full sound.
  • Guitar: A 12-voice polyphonic synth that employes physical string modeling designed to have a hard attack without sustain.
  • Dry Kit: 13-pad drum rack mapped to the Morph drum overlay filled with percussive effects.

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Files are licensed under our Audio Content License Agreement.

Check out the sounds that we produced for Live: 

Sample set designed and composed by Andrew Williams.