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Sound Pack: Hendrix: With An X!

Sound Pack: Hendrix: With An X!

Nate Hendrix is a studio pro. We met him at NAMM where he checked out the Morph and got very into it. Since he's up in Oakland, not too far from Mountain View, we got to know him and find out what he does. What he does is pretty amazing. He plays bass, piano, sax, guitar, and drums. He produces beats and music for other artists. He's even got some engineering chops for the professional studio, as he's constantly busy in the beautiful facility at 25th Street Recording in downtown Oakland.

As a multi-faceted musician and producer, the Morph is a natural fit for his flow. We have a great profile of Nate coming out, but as a bit of a teaser, he's made a super great soundpack that features some vocal cuts from his tracks, some drum sounds he's recorded, some chopped sax, and more. One of the great things about Nate's sound is that he's not a slave to genre - he's mixing and matching and making what he hears. As a result, you can take these sounds in a lot of directions - house, techno, funk, hip-top, trap, and pieces of jazz are all wrapped up. He's laid this out in an Ableton Live 10 set, and we've also made it available in Bitwig Studio and Logic Pro X. 

We hope you like the sounds, and keep your eyes open for Nate over the years. We think you're going start hearing him everywhere. Here's a taste of what's in the sample pack:

Preview Audio:

Get the Nate Hendrix sound pack for free from the Sensel store. Keep up to date with Nate and get his links on his Soundcloud (be sure to check his wide-ranging album "Venus" from last year!).