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Drum & Lace: Artist Profile

Drum & Lace: Artist Profile

We caught up with Sofia Hultquist aka Drum & Lace at her home studio in Los Angeles. Even though thousands of people were just about to tune into an Andrew Huang video that featured her work, and she was in the middle of scoring the new Apple TV+ series Dickenson, and she was just about to release a new single, she was gracious enough to take some time to give us some insight on how she's incorporates the Sensel Morph Innovator's overlay into her live performances. 

We first met at the Ableton Loop festival in Berlin - I was showing the Morph to someone else, and she was immediately drawn to it. "What is that?" One might think her keen fashion sense might have been drawn to the colorful overlays, but as you'll see in the video, it's clear that she saw an immediate use for it in her modular and technical assortment of gear. 

She's been taking full advantage of the Innovator's Overlay instant flexibility, designing overlays to mange her Ableton Live sets, as well as simple controls for spatial audio. Watch below and get to know this fantastic artist:

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