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Bitwig Studio Control Script Update: Great New Features!

Bitwig Studio Control Script Update: Great New Features!

The Sensel Morph is a great MIDI controller out of the box. But we’ve created sophisticated scripts for Ableton Live and Bitwig Studio that make it easier to navigate your tracks, control devices and effects, and mix up different clips.

With the Buchla Thunder Overlay, we had to make some adjustments to our scripts to integrate it into the workflow. While we were in there, we had an opportunity to really improve how the Bitwig Studio script behaves.

We introduced “Exclusive Ports” for each music overlay. This means you can dedicate a track (or tracks) to a selected overlay, making overlay swapping completely seamless. Once it’s setup, it’s as simple as selecting the overlay from the track inputs and arming the track.

Select an exclusive port for your Sensel Morph in Bitwig Studio

Here’s how you set it up. First, make sure you have the version 1.1 control selected in the Control Script preferences:

Sensel Morph control surface selected in Bitwig Studio.

In the lower right of the main Bitwig window, you’ll find the Studio I/O panel button with two small arrows:

Click that to bring up the Studio I/O panel where you can enable exclusive ports for your overlays:

Enable exclusive ports in the Studio I/O panel.

Once you have enabled an exclusive, that overlay will only work for tracks that have either “all inputs” or the overlay’s exclusive port selected. For example, this setup, with all the tracks enabled and assigned different overlays, you can swap overlays and instantly change the instrument you are playing:
Example setup using exclusive ports to dedicate different overlays to tracks.

This works with MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) as well as regular MIDI, using notifications from the Morph whenever an overlay is placed on it, rather than trying to identify overlays by MIDI channel. It’s very slick!

Finally, longtime users of our scripts will appreciate that we’ve made the note assignments more “normal.” For version 1.0 of the script, we were forced to use some odd note mappings on each overlay. So be sure to use the SenselApp to update the overlays maps on your Morph with the latest overlay maps in <user>/Documents/Sensel Morph/Bitwig Overlay Maps/.

You can get the scripts from our store or from our github repo.

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