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Adaptation Inspriation: Sensel Live Streams.

Adaptation Inspriation: Sensel Live Streams.

This is a big change.

So how do we adapt? For many that question is a lot harder than for others, because their lives depended on an ever changing place, or a place with a constantly changing crowd. "In Place" could mean Dayton on Wednesday and Detroit on Thursday. Hungary in May, Croatia in June.

Sensel as a company has adapted by moving workers home, cobbling together labs in living rooms, remote accessing test equipment, relying heavily on video meetings, and, for the Morph, reaching out directly to our customers and potential customers through live streams. A lot of the work on our technology requires extended, concentrated efforts by smart individuals, so some of it lends itself to shelter-in-place, we also have relied on extensive travel and face-to-face meetings to develop our business and technology.

But a lot of our Morph customers as touring musicians and itinerants have faced even greater challenges. On the other end of the spectrum, there are a lot of people new to the Morph. We're doing our best to help by using a tool that seemingly everyone is jumping on: The Live Stream.

Some of our streams will be strictly educational. Our first stream was strictly meta: a live stream about live streaming. We've also streamed about getting started with the free software with the Morph, using MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) in a variety of DAWs, and using Intua Beatmaker for the iPad. We of course keep a playlist on YouTube, and we'll be updating this post with our streams. 

We're also going to be taking to artists who are living through this crisis. Some of these will be pretty Morph heavy, as we dive into how they use the Morph, others will be weighted more towards culture and perspective.

Even if these things seem to jump around, they will all share a theme: Adaptation. Whether it's adapting to a new tool like the Morph, a new way of playing like MPE, or figuring out how to keep a company alive, we will take this time to go deep and figure this out. 

Artist Talks

Sarah Belle Reid

Laura Escude

Hugo Paris


Ralph Freund aka Noizebusters





Setting up a Live Stream


Getting Started With The Morph and Free Software


MPE and The Morph: Cubase, Logic, and Bitwig


Expressive Drums with The Drum Pad Overlay

Intua BeatMaker 3 and The Sensel Morph 

 Max and The Morph: volume 1