🔔 The Morph is discontinued. Click to read the announcement. 🔔 The Morph is discontinued. Click to read the announcement.
Ableton Live Just Got Easier

Ableton Live Just Got Easier

We're excited to present a whole new way to work in Ableton Live. The Sensel Morph still provides amazingly sensitive touch for playing instruments, but with our Control Surface Script for Live 10, we've cleverly introduced a whole new layer of control that you might normally need a mouse and keyboard for.

Swapping overlays is one way to keep you in the flow of your music, making sure your fingers (or sticks!) have the right controls underneath, without taking up a bunch of space. Installing our script for Live gets you even deeper, giving you immediate control over a tracks clips, overdubbing, effects, and navigating your session view with incredible ease. 

In short, we've kept all the incredible playability of the Morph, and added production-quality workflow to the mix. Don't just "push" - tap, smack, stroke, glide, and hit with the incredible dynamic range of the Morph!

Want to learn more? Watch the tutorial below to get all the details. Checkout and Download the script from our store, and, if you prefer the written word, check out our comprehensive setup and use guide to learn all about it. We also include some great new percussion sounds in this set, so you'll be glad to have it.