Sensel - Hugo R.A. Paris Sound Bath

Ambient textures turned into an MPE instrument for Bitwig Studio and UVI Falcon

Take a Bath

The Sensel - Hugo R.A. Paris Sound Bath set puts timbral composition at your fingertips. Using source material from an ambient sound piece by Paris, we've made it a playable, interactive experience on the Buchla Thunder Overlay.

Bandpass filters on each slider let you explore the timbres with vertical gesture, while pressure adds a spatial panning dimension. Designed for the Thunder, it will work with any Morph music overlay, or any MPE controller.

Learn more about Hugo Paris on his Patreon page.

Live Stream

We dove into detail about the art of engineering, timbre as the primary element in music, jumping from the south of France, to MIT, to Portland, Oregon, and premiering our collaborative instrument, the Sound Bath.